Village School Foundation

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Village School Foundation

Tinh founded the Village School Foundation in 2002. It is a federally recognized nonprofit charitable organization. The Foundation has since built three one-room elementary schools. A volunteer team will be building another this summer in Tinh’s ancestral province of Phan Thiet. The cost of labor and materials for a country schoolhouse is approximately $8,000. All proceeds from February’s benefit banquets and concerts go directly into construction and scholarships. The Foundation welcomes all volunteers, skilled and unskilled, Viet and American, on its trips to Viet Nam.

Coordinating this summer’s project are the Foundation’s trumpet man, Oregon environmental activist Dan Enbysk, and recent Portland State University (PSU) graduate Vy Le, daughter of a nationally prominent painter of the former Republic of South Viet Nam, who settled his family in Portland after the Fall of Saigon.  

This season’s awareness and fundraising efforts are coincident with the release of a tribute album for the late great American folk guitar legend, John Fahey. Tinh is a protégé of the Salem musician who passed away in 2001. The tribute album includes Paul Geremia, John Doan, Woody Mann, Terry Robb, and George Winston, among others.  All album sale proceeds go to Village School Foundation.

“Helping to ensure education in Vietnam seems a fitting and poetic gesture, truly blurring the boundaries between philosophy and life,” says Tinh of the album and all the efforts associated with Village School Foundation. “Finding inspiration in rediscovering my roots, reconnecting with children in need, and especially remembering John Fahey’s music and mentoring, have all come together in this project.

“Putting things right again has become a legacy of this story,  and  to  the  children in us all — the circle comes full round.”

At the end of each of February’s concerts, lights came on, smiles took the place of tears, audiences spoke softly, left quietly, maybe even drove home a bit more peacefully on than the drive there. According to VSCSO president Chi Jones, the PCC event alone raised $7,000. Enough to raise another small school house. Almost enough to erase a little bitterness.

Bev Silveira, who along with her husband Ben attended Salem’s banquet and concert, said, “When I look at those children’s sweet little faces, the hope there, I know that education is going to help them and their country be a part of the world. Our world.”

For more information on the work of the Portland-based, federally recognized nonprofit educational organization, Vietnamese Science & Cultural Society of Oregon, please visit <>. For more information on the work of the Village School Foundation, visit<>.

Feb 4th, 2006
New Year Festival at the Oregon Convention Center (777 NE Martin Luther King).  Program Details
There will also be a concert that night featuring Hương Lan / Tuấn Anh / Lươnng Tùng Quang / Minh Tuyết.

Over 30 Lac Hong students and staff participated in this year's Tếtcelebration.  The Dan Tranh students peformed beautifully, the May Hong dance group along with the Buom Trang dance teams danced gracefully.  We had a game booth that let children throw darts at the balloons. We went thru almost 1000 balloons and prizes.  Our president of VSCSO, Chi Jones, received the Citizen of the Year award from the Oregon Vietnamese Community Association of Illinois.  Chi's speech, which was right after Mayor Tom Potter of the city of Portland, spoke about unity in the Vietnamese community and support for our nonprofits.  More pictures of the event can be found at 

Jan 30th, 2006
Pictures fromTết 2006.

Jan 28th, 2006

Celebrate Tết 2006 - Year of the Dog
Lac Hong school will host the Vietnamese New Year celebration on Jan 28th, 2006 at Building #2 where the auditorium is located. 

January 7, 2006

Everyone is invited to the PCC Sylvania Vietnamese Student Association "Tet" festival.  There will be games for children and then an entertainment program at toward the evening.  

Christmas Party 
Dec 23 6-10PM

Dec 3, 2005
The Parents Teacher Association of Lac Hong is organizing a Christmas party at the Beaverton Community Center on Friday, December 23, 2005from 6 PM to 10 PM.